10 Things You Can Make With Pumpkin

One of the requests I got recently was how to use pumpkin besides making a pumpkin pie out of it. As much as I love pumpkin pie, I want to show you guys how versatile winter squash really is! So I rounded up some recipes online from different sites to share with you! They range from breakfast to bread, salad to curry. No pumpkin spiced lattes included!


The goal here is to inspire you to branch out of your comfort zone with this food. These recipes incorporate winter squash in general, which pumpkin is obviously a part of. I love using it in soups, and have made a smoothie involving it also! Food is only limited to our ideas of it. Don't be scared to try new things and see where your creativity takes you! I might use seared pumpkin in a stir-fry next time I stock up on some. With chicken, brussels sprouts, pomegranate, spices...can you taste it?? Browse through these links and have fun!