Dandelion Tea

It was a tradition every summer. I would smear my face against the kitchen window looking at little yellow clusters of flowers dotting the fields. Just a short time later they became delicate white spheres, and the goal then? KICK THEM ALL UNTIL THEY STOOD NO MORE.

Growing up in the country was entertaining. I feel nostalgic about so many things now. Like lightning bugs. I adore those guys. And those little "banana" looking plants that taste sour? Anybody know what I'm talking about? I realized I have those in my backyard this summer, and it made me SO HAPPY. I always stare at rotten, broken down wooden fences because they remind me of home. Weeping willows are one of my favorite trees, bringing to memory the goats that would feast on them in the pasture. Marigolds make me think of mom. And I still love dandelions.

Turns out, there are many reasons to love dandelions. I present 10 reasons why it's more than just a weedy flower.

  1. Dandelions contain 10% of the daily calcium needed to strengthen teeth and bone structure.
  2. These plants are high in vitamin K, the main mineral involved in bone mineralization and blood clotting, helping build bones better than calcium!
  3. Because it's a natural diuretic, dandelions help fight diabetes naturally by helping the body remove excess sugar.
  4. The sap from this weed can be used to assist in relieving eczema, ringworm, psoriasis, and other skin infections. The sap is highly alkaline and has germicidal and fungacidal properties.
  5. The vitamins and minerals present in dandelions help cleanse the liver and keep it working properly.
  6. These flowers have high antioxidant properties. Dandelion root was found through study to help fight different cancers as a result of its free radical fighting abilities.
  7. As a high fiber food, they're a beneficial aid for digestion and intestinal health.
  8. Dandelions are a good source of vitamin A, critical in maintaining healthy vision, neurological function, healthy skin, and more.
  9. These plants help reduce uric acid and stimulate urine production. As a result, they fight bacterial infections within the digestive tract and reproductive organs.
  10. Dandelions help prevent urinary tract infections, bladder disorders, kidney problems, and possibly even cysts on reproductive organs.

I love these little yellow herbs!! If you're looking to use them in your diet in the future, keep the following tidbits in mind. The younger and tender plants are less bitter than the mature. To use the roots, you must dig down deep and pull up the entire mass. Rinse with water to remove all the dirt. You can use the raw roots to make tea, or roast them to make coffee (!!!). Once washed thoroughly, the greens can be stored in the fridge for up to a week wrapped in damp paper towels. They can be eaten raw, boiled, or sauteed. They're also great with seafood and pasta!

This tea that I bought is Super Herb tea. Steep it for 5 minutes, and enjoy straight or sweetened. xoxo!