Lemon Balm Tea + a Plethora of Herbs

Lemon Balm Tea + a Plethora of Herbs

Swim days at mom's are some of the happiest of days. Recently I was fortunate enough to take the short drive to the abode of my parents, where I met with my siblings and nephews for a lazy day in the pool. One of the most recent happenings that occured on this day is that Elle was able to have a play date with my dad's endearing Australian Shepherd, Missy. Cuteness ensued.

The day was full of lovely conversation with the people I hold most dear. We talked about Curtis' quirks and how we CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S FIVE ALREADY. **sob, sob** How cute Samuel's little face is and the weird hilarious thing he did this week. I told my sister Meghan how much I love little Hank's hooded eyes, how they make his face so unique and beautiful. We talked about struggles and joys, what annoyed us and some of our favorite things. As always, delicious homemade beverages and fresh produce were provided for our indulgence. Our collective life is a rich one. I'm so thankful for these people.

In the late afternoon I explored mom's herb garden. I tend to get lost in the hills and rows and colors that create her abundance of produce. It's like another world. I must have spent 40 minutes clipping, tasting, smelling, and imagining pairings. In the classic Sarah way, I clipped way too much for my little kitchen to handle, but I couldn't say no! #noregrets

Dinner introduced me to a contrast from the usual setup of several chairs and mismatched stools around the table, cramming to fit everyone, an atmosphere so loud you almost shouted to be heard. Instead, the evening gifted me the treat of an intimate dinner with madre y padre. Just us three. We partook of a quiet, isolated service. It was uncommon and wonderful. As I've transitioned from the relationship of "child" to "peer" with my parents in my adult life, it makes me cherish them more than I was capable of doing while at home. I savor their company like one delights in a holiday. As the head of my origins, they've literally been with me through all things. The bond there is a distinctive one.

Recall and relish the connections you have, no matter whom they're attached to. Those allies are essential to life. 

From top left: lemon balm, parsley, savory, chocolate mint, spearmint, basil, marjoram, dill, sage, eucalyptus, cilantro.

Lemon Balm Tea

  • 1 gallon bag full of lemon balm
  • boiling water
  • 2 quart jar
  • stevia leaves/sweetener of choice

Boil the water. While the water is heating, place the lemon balm in a jar along with the stevia/sweetener. Once the water is ready, pour over the herbs and let steep overnight up to 24 hours. Strain, refrigerate, and enjoy.