Today marks the first day of my elimination diet journey! Or rather, a version of it. I’ve done an elimination diet before, and I have a pretty good grip on what bothers me and what doesn’t. So I’ll still eat nightshade vegetables, legumes, citrus, shellfish, and eggs. The main things I’m cutting out are gluten and dairy, the reason being because my gut bacteria is WAY out of whack, and those two things exacerbate that problem. I’ve felt so sick for so long, that I’m excited to start this, and I’ll be chronicling meals and how it’s going here and on social media. So here we go!


Elimination diets are fruit and veggie heavy, as you can see in the top picture. And since it’s a sudden shift in what and how I’m eating, I’ll be eating a larger quantity of fruits and veggies at first as I deal with hunger pangs and cravings. These diets are hard. But armed with these and plenty of water, around week three a boost of energy will occur and I’ll feel unstoppable!

I struggle with yo-yo’ing between good and bad food choices. I have a lot of knowledge about food, different benefits, how to use them for health, etc., but I also love junk food. So sometimes I get lost in that, and my body reminds me why making those good food choices are so important. So for those who struggle with choosing veggies over potato chips, I’m there with ya! Let’s do it together!

20181022_120143-01 (1).jpeg

This first elimination diet meal is not only GORGEOUS, but pretty filling considering it’s a salad, thanks to the salmon. Don’t have/want salmon for a salad? Saute a chicken breast instead! Hope you try this! Xoxo.

Fall Salmon Salad

  • 2 cups lettuce

  • 1 salmon filet, skin on

  • olive oil

  • salt and pepper

  • 5-6 strawberries, finely diced

  • 1/4 pomegranate, seeded

  • 1/2 cucumber, seeded and finely diced

  • 1/2 apple, finely diced

  • handful of hemp seeds

  • Bragg’s Hawaiian Vinaigrette

In a large pan, heat up olive oil on medium-high. Add salmon filet, skin side down. Saute for 4 minutes, then flip. Saute on other side for 3 minutes. Arrange lettuce on a plate, then top with the cooked salmon filet. Top with the rest of the salad ingredients and vinaigrette. Feast!