One-Ingredient, 10 Minutes: Cashew Butter

This is the simplest nut butter you’ll ever make. If you have a food processor and cashews, you can make this. There’s nothing profound about this post. It’s such a simple process, it’s barely a recipe. If the concept of making your own nut butter scares you, seriously try this. You won’t be intimidated any longer. It’s ridiculously easy.


There is sometimes a snobbery associated with making one’s own nut butter. It seems very labor + time intensive and messy. “You need a nut grinder to make it.” False. You do not. The difference in using a nut grinder and a food processor is that the oil can separate a little bit when using a food processor, whereas this won’t happen with a grinder. That aside, nut grinders are the WORST. Having used one, I hate them and feel that the trade-off of using a food processor is a good one. Grinders are so heavy. They are so friggin’ messy that I was feeling all kinds of hot angry emotions after using one. They’re expensive. You can make perfectly good nut butter without them.


So there ya go. I hope you try this. This is, coincidentally, my first time attempting nut butter. I was legit done in 10 minutes. It felt so good to have made it by my own hands and know that it contains no weird filler ingredients. It’s straight up cashews and that’s it. It didn’t take forever. And it’s healthy and DELICIOUS. Cheers! Xoxo.


One-Ingredient Cashew Butter

  • 3 cups roasted cashews

Put cashews in a food processor. Grind on the low setting (doing this on high will make the oil separation more likely), scraping down the sides with a silicone spatula when necessary. Keep alternating these steps until the cashews release their oils and break down. In no time you’ll have this creamy, nutty goodness. Transfer to a mason jar with a lid and proceed to put on everything in sight. Or eat it straight out of the jar in inappropriate amounts. That’s what I’m doing with it.