Making beautiful and delicious healthy food.

What is

chaotic mint?


It all started when…

I got sick and tired of the food options that were made available to me. Convenience here in rural Missouri often means high meat content, high fat/processed carbs, little produce, all comes in a greasy paper or plastic bag. This idea is just stupid to me. That kind of food makes me sick, affects my moods and functions, and just leaves me feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. So I wanted to change that.

My goal is to show that eating whole, healthy, produce-heavy food is not boring, but is in fact beautiful. This site is for those who are needing whole food recipes that are also delicious. It is for those needing inspiration in general, the free thinkers, and those open to new experiences. I’m striving to eat clean and to transition into green waste-free living. This blog contains natural health information, recipes for healthy meals, and occasionally my efforts in using food as medicine. Knowledge has been one of the most empowering factors in the decisions I’ve made for my health. So I’m here just trying to share what I know with you, so you can be inspired to cook delicious food as well as know that you can live a healthy and wholesome life wherever you live! Follow me on Instagram @mychoaticmint and join our Facebook page and group for more!

Xoxo ~ Sarah